November 23, 2012


Artwork by Yuta Onoda. Visit the artist's website:

We dare you to write a story based on this picture, using no more than 55 words.
The title should have no more than 7 words.

If you would like to publish your nano story here, or a link to it, please use the comment box.


  1. #23 The Sign in the River

    “I knew you’d come back,” said Lena. The two women walked out of the room leaving behind an angry mob of executives. They drove to the river where there would be some sign. A man paddled a kayak slowly; he pointed. The cross was still there. “Have fun!” The look on his face was unsettling.

    © 2012 Lizzie Gudkov

  2. Walking the Land

    Phil wasn't always old, the people who called him old wouldn't last a week.
    Emma was gone and the kids moved on. Phil lived in Alaska all of his life.
    Every year he would "walk the land" spending a month in the wilderness.
    After the diagnosis, there was only one treatment he had in mind.


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