November 22, 2012


Artwork by Yuta Onoda. Visit the artist's website:

We dare you to write a story based on this picture, using no more than 55 words.
The title should have no more than 7 words.

If you would like to publish your nano story here, or a link to it, please use the comment box.


  1. #22 Off-key?

    She felt the shape of the key inside her pocket. Lena, the heartless business woman, frowned. Power had always been the driving force in Lena’s life. “So, now that the audience is ready, who is going to sing the right song, huh?” She slowly raised her hand. “I will. I have the key.”

    © 2012 Lizzie Gudkov

  2. Practice

    Mary knew she was destined to be a great pianist.

    Mother keeps telling her she will. Mary preferred to run outside and play with her friends. Mother would find her each time
    and bring her back to her studies. She would
    sit little Mary at the piano and tell her it was for her future.


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