October 14, 2014

Not so much into NANOWRIMO? Try DIGIWRIMO instead!

If you find the idea of writing a novel - or even participating in an event for novelists - to be totally against your flash-fictionista principles, you may enjoy participating in Digital Writing Month, aka DigiWriMo.

"Digital Writing Month is a (somewhat) insane month-long writing challenge, a wild ride through the world of digital writing, wherein those daring enough to participate wield keyboard and cursor to create 50,000 words of digital writing in the thirty short days of November. Modeled after the inspirational National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), DigiWriMo asks writers to be creative not just with their words, but with what their words can do. Where those words reside, what they look like, how they interact with other words and authors, is entirely up to the wild imaginings of each DigiWriMo writer."
Entirely up to the wild imaginings of each DigiWriMo writer? Really? Yes. 

DigiWriMo 2012 poster
"Blog posts, Twitter essays, wiki novels, a tv pilot co-authored in a Google Doc, academic articles, 
 massively co-authored poems and novels are all potential ways to cross the finish line. 
Heck, if you want to write 50,000 words of code that make a lovely picture, animation, or website, 
that’s good too!"

Basically you can write whatever you want... Yes, even flash-fiction! :)

"Digital Writing Month (...) in November 2014, hosted again by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel 
with the support of the Division of Continuing Studies at UW-Madison."

To know more about DigiWriMo click here.

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