February 13, 2013



We dare you to write a short-short story, or a prose-poem, EVERY DAY using no more than 365 words, including the title.

Publish your short-short story / prose-poem, or a link to it, using the comment box available on each post.

A different picture prompt will be published every day until the end of 2013.

You don't have to participate every day.
The most important thing is to have fun writing!


  1. My Body

    Wash away my thoughts, my fears. Wash away the dark, the invading dark, while I sit here peacefully waiting for the moment. And the water is dark like my heart and it looks strong like I do, a stream of power flowing through my body. Wash away my past, my life, and my pain. Wash it all away, the dark, the invading dark. I stare at the camera, waiting for the motion, that insignificant click that triggers the nightmare that takes me away from myself. And I know what comes next, an apparent normalcy in a twisted place. A voice, so distant, commands me to start. I struggle to stay away. Closer, the voice sounds annoyed, aggravated. “We are wasting money, come on.” I give up. “Stretch yourself, we can’t see anything… It looks like it’s the first time you do this.” And it is. Each time I do it, it’s the first time, and the last. Tomorrow, it’ll be the first and the last time too, and I count the tiles on the wall while my body is invaded by the camera and by men...
    ©2013 Lizzie Gudkov

    1. A poignant portrait of human misery, the awful business of human trafficking exposed, of people treated as soulless beings... Very intense, and dark, and sad. Well done!

    2. Thank you, Camie! I wanted the text to contrast sharply with the picture yet still have some cotact points. The picture is so intense that it ended up triggering the text I posted. Great prompt! Thank you :)


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