January 1, 2013


Artwork by Jon Foster (artist suggested by Lizzie Gudkov)


We dare you to write a short-short story, or a prose-poem, EVERY DAY using no more than 365 words, including the title.

Publish your short-short story / prose-poem, or a link to it, using the comment box available on each post.

A different picture prompt will be published every day until the end of 2013.

You don't have to participate every day.
The most important thing is to have fun writing!


  1. The Power of a Word

    A book is nothing but a pile of words.
    Work, work, work.
    A book is useless. It makes you unhappy. It makes you wonder about things. It makes you think. It makes you doubt.
    Work, work, work.
    It’s a waste of time; it’s a waste of energy. It’s contagious.
    Work is good. It makes you be useful. It helps the community. You are productive.
    So, work, work, work.
    Never mind the books. Never mind that thing called reading. No one does it anymore. That is for degenerate, contentious, old-timers.
    There’s no time for that today. Now everything is fast, short, just the facts, just the facts.
    But she dreamt of magical travels to wondrous places where smiles triggered more smiles. Each time she opened a book, she dreamt of terrible destinies, of marvelous friendships, of unsolved crimes, of horrendous places and fascinating futures. Powerful words made anything possible. They even painted a blue cow in the sky, covered in stars. Let them think reading was for old people. Let them think reading was a waste of time. It wasn’t a waste of time for her. And she didn’t mind being looked at as some kind of peculiar and anti-social creature. No, she didn’t mind. She never felt alone in her world of an infinite pile of words. She was happy.

    ©2013 Lizzie Gudkov
    (Thank for using this image prompt :)

    1. Wonderful text, Lizzie! Thank you :)

    2. You're welcome, Camie. :) In more ways than I can think of, this text was influenced by Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451.

  2. Blue

    Heather exhausted from her treatment, lay motionless in her hospital bed. The only thing that she was able to find energy to do was to dream. She longed for the day to come when she could give up this fight and travel to the moon to her new life. Her red curls bouncing around in her helmet as she took flight. Feeling weightless would be a wonderful change from fatigue. The first thing she hoped to see after her journey was the cow jumping over the moon. She always enjoyed her Daddy reading to her...and they would be together again.

    ©2013 Jan 20 Severina Halostar and Bonchance Longfall

    1. Thank you for this sweet and sad story, Sevi and BC :)

  3. "Into the Future"


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