November 30, 2012

Thank you for a great November! We'll be back in 2013

Nano Fiction Daily Dare started November 1, 2012, as a sort of NANOWRIMO for 'Flash Fictionistas', with NANO meaning 'a really short form of fiction', instead of 'NAtional NOvel'.

This daily tease ended up with a very interesting collection of nano stories.
To view all the Nano Fiction Daily Dares, click here.

I thank Lizzie Gudkov for her nice words on the last Nano Fiction Daily Dare:
And November came to an end! One month of writing stories 55 words long. I have enjoyed sharing my writing path with Bonchance's amazing stories, Severina's and Camie's. It was fun reading what a few new faces wrote as well, Qt, theouseofmars, Mireille and Bayfire2323. Last but not least, thank you to our fearless leader Camie for choosing absolutely inspiring images that triggered so many fantastic ideas! This was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced in terms of writing projects; it's extremely complex to write something consistent in 55 words! And that is why it was a lot of fun!! :)
Thank you Lizzie, and Bonchance, Sevi, Qt, theouseofmars, Mireille, and Bayfire2323.

A very special thank you to Yuta Onoda, whose talent provided us with amazing pictures for one whole month.

We'll be back in 2013, with new ways to inspire your flash fiction. :)

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