November 21, 2012


Artwork by Yuta Onoda. Visit the artist's website:

We dare you to write a story based on this picture, using no more than 55 words.
The title should have no more than 7 words.

If you would like to publish your nano story here, or a link to it, please use the comment box.


  1. #21 A key, a friend and a beast

    Back in New York, she opened the envelope. A key was its solitary content, no address. She decided to talk to her friend Lena. As she arrived at the office, a huge brawl could be heard from the entrance. In the meeting room, Lena and the others talked of millions. The sleeping beast had awakened.

    © 2012 Lizzie Gudkov

  2. The Meeting

    The executive conference room was looming ever larger in Herman’s vision as he subconsciously slowed his steps. He saw the three executive assistants standing around a secretaries desk to the right of the big double doors. He had a nice internal chuckle as he had visions of Hercules passing Cerberus entering the gates of hell.


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