November 10, 2012


Artwork by Yuta Onoda. Visit the artist's website:

We dare you to write a story based on this picture, using no more than 55 words.
The title should have no more than 7 words.

If you would like to publish your nano story here, or a link to it, please use the comment box.


  1. Timmy

    He was only 9 years old! Daddy left and
    never came back. Mom was always crying
    when she wasn't drinking. Timmy cleaned
    the house first thing in the morning and
    cooked dinner when he got home from school.

    He missed being a kid.
    His mom and little Susie needed him
    to be the grown up.

  2. #10 Whispers

    Muffled voices whispered in the corridor as a sudden draft flew through the room. The noise of a door slamming made her snap out of it. This was not childhood, this was not hiking up the mountain, this was not sitting by the lake. This was reality and these recollections weighed heavily on her fears.

    © 2012 Lizzie Gudkov


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