November 1, 2012


Artwork by Yuta Onoda. Visit the artist's website:

We dare you to write a story based on this picture, using no more than 55 words.
The title should have no more than 7 words.

If you would like to publish your nano story here, or a link to it, please use the comment box.


  1. #1 The scent of darkness

    “What have you done?” she asked, despair weeping through her voice.

    The man tied her hands behind her back, pushed her to sit and left, slamming the door.

    Never had her green catlike eyes looked so scared. An intense scent of flowers invaded the darkness and the expression winter gloom took a whole different meaning.

    Lizzie Gudkov -

    by Camie Rembrandt / CME

    Her beautiful eyes were like promises of divine pleasures.
    He could only see part of her head: imagination took care of the rest.
    He was in love, and would not leave until he had conquered that water nymph.
    When she finally emerged, he was able to see her long, white, sharp fangs.
    Too late.

    Word count: 54

  3. The Veil

    The mystery begins as the soft fragrant flowered veil is placed in front of the porcelain skinned beauty.

    She sits still in her chair as past goddesses drape her in layers of silk fabric.

    Her weight is equaled in gold jewelry, displayed in a treasure box.

    Head bowed she is presented to her new owner.

    By Severina Halostar

  4. Love

    She was a mystery.
    When she spoke she would say little but what she said
    stayed with him long afterwards as he reflected on her words.
    He was so intrigued by her that he thought
    of little else but of the moments he spent with her.
    The hours slowed when apart and sped when together.


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