September 17, 2012

Flash Fiction: Write and Share. Saturday, Sept 22, 3am SLT

Flash Fiction: Write and Share. Saturday, 3am SLT.

Write a short-short story in one hour.
Alone. Collaboratively. You choose.

There will be a story prompt, but you don't have to use it.
Story prompts are objects, sometimes mesh items. V3, Phoenix, and Firestorm work fine with mesh.

V3 and Firestorm also support shared media, aka 'web on a prim', which is used on Flash Fiction Cafe's laptops. Using one of these viewers is advisable to ensure the best possible experience at this event.

Sharing what you write is optional, and should be done using notecards.
Feedback is also optional, using local chat.
Sharing and feedback will take place during 30 minutes, after the initial 1 hour writing session.

Participants may submit their short-short stories for publication on the Flash Fiction Writers blog.

Confused about Second Life Time (SLT)? Hope this will help:

3am SLT = 11am London / 12 Noon Paris / 1pm Helsinki / 2pm Moscow / 3:30pm Mumbai/ 5pm Jakarta / 6pm Hong Kong / 7pm Tokyo / 8pm Sydney

Taxi to Flash Fiction Cafe

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