September 6, 2012

Beyond Flash: Singh Albatros reads from his novel 'Ghosts on a Bumboat'. Reading Sessions Start September 7, 7am SLT

Singh Albatros, the well known and talented musician, poet and writer, will read from his new novel, 'Ghosts on a Bumboat', on Fridays and Sundays, 7am SLT, at Flash Fiction Cafe, on Book Island.

'Ghosts on a Bumboat' is an amazing story that will capture your imagination:
Singapore. When Ralph Drummond steps on a curbside Hungry Ghost Month offering he collapses into a coma. Will he survive the psychic battle when the Gates of Hell open? Can his wife Winnie and their new Singapore friends Alvin and Fay save him? What is the Water Clan and who is the Geomancer?
Narrated by a golden carp, this magic realist novel draws on Chinese, Malay and Indian traditions in the South-East Asian megalopolis where ghost tales are still the powerful underbelly of the popular imagination.

Join us on this literary adventure!

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