August 26, 2012

Pick Two 100 Word Story by RedGoddess

Awesome flash fiction reading at Camis's shop on Saturday. I read two Lola stories: "feather" and "beautiful thing." My main character is having a little fun outside of work. Check out this week's 100 word story. Enjoy!

"Paper or plastic," asks the grocery cashier, rolling her eyes at Lola. It sounds so simple, right. Choose one kind of bag for her frozen dinner. Lola is preoccupied digging through her over-sized work bag to make sure she had enough to pay. Her next door neighbor, the retired Social Worker was in line with her grandsons. She's usually pretty chatty but today, she too, seems a little beaten down. The kids pick two candy bars from the front shelf. As Lola grabs the paper bag to leave, she notices a folded paper on the ground. It reads, "think less"

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