August 10, 2012

Add your blog to the Flash Fiction Writers Blogroll!

Are you a Flash Fiction writer?

Do you have a blog where you publish your micro-stories?
Add your blog to the Flash Fiction Writers Blogroll! :)

How can you do that?

A. Join Flash Fiction Writers group and create a notice with your blog's title and URL.


Just copy/paste that URI into local chat, click the link and the Join button.

* * *
Don't know how to create a group notice, or don't have a slot for a new group right now?
That's okay. Use plan B. :)

B. Visit Flash Fiction Cafe, on Book Island, create a notecard with your blog's title and URL, and drag it onto the (really big) Dropbox at the cafe's entrance.

Taxi to Flash Fiction Cafe

* * *
The Flash Fiction Writers Blogroll (and its monthly updates) will be published in-world, via groups, and will be available at the Flash Fiction Cafe, via notecard giver.

Also, the Flash Fiction Writers Blogroll will be published online, here.

Please notice: This blogroll is about Flash Fiction only. Blogs about other genres will not be added to the blogroll. But you can always create a new blog just for your flash fiction stories, right? ;)

So let the Flash Fiction blogs roll!!! ^^

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